Wednesday, July 30, 2008

So there I was minding my own business, when out of the blue came this rogue invitation came to me by one of my friends; "Wanna come to california with us, we have an empty seat?" What was I to say but yes. So there we were. I got the time off, except for the one day that I called in "sick." The drive down and back were terribly long, around five hours longer than they should have, but we made it. We went to Pismo Beach and had planned on staying in a park in a rented trailer. After getting there and seeing the trailer we were given things got heated. The trailer they gave us was nothing like what was supposed to come. Super long story short, we somehow ended up in a really nice house just off the beach. Good times were had, oceans were swam in, and things were eaten.

These guys were apperantly hoping to catch something.

This little guy was hoping something would come from this little Business Time Dance.

We went to a farmers market while we were there and had some delicious food, mmm...

Apperantly no dogs are allowed at the farmers market, sorry Charlie youve been targeted specifically.

I named this seagull Hannibal, yes thats another seagull.

Call me crazy but something tells me that this particular street is a dead end.

Sorry Hobos, not here.