Tuesday, May 19, 2009

My First Ride's Last Ride.

The sad day has finally come. Ive been trying to sell my first truck for the last couple years but have been unsuccessful. So after a long stressful decision, I have decided that I am going to stay...but my truck, it had to go.

Little Dat had been in the family since her birth in 1980. Almost everyone in the family had driven her at some point. As a family we also had many, many vacations in her(though im still shocked to this day how we all fit in there). But as with all good things, there comes an end.

It is at this time that we now say goodbye to my little baby.

Goodbye old girl, We will miss you!!!

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Jolene said...

Wait, what!!! You got rid of the white Datsun without consulting with the rest of the family? Where did she go? I didn't even get to say goodbye. What's next, the green truck or the white car (or did you already get rid of them too)?